10 November 2015

Talking with Great Artists: Guy Maddin and Geoff Tate.

I've been fortunate as of late, being able to talk to artists whom I think help enrich the world. For instance, I've gotten to talk with both filmmaker Guy Maddin and comedian Geoff Tate. These are two of the funniest people alive, though they express it rather differently. Have a read, why don't you, and experience their world...

24 October 2015

An Overview of the Fifty-Third New York Film Festival.

As I've done for every year since 2002, I went to this year's New York Film Festival. Here's my thoughts on a lot of what I saw (In my ten days in Manhattan, I saw twenty-six features and eighteen shorts.)

Why is it so hard to see Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension?

Nashville, my home base, is one of the cities affected by the current disagreement between Paramount Pictures and a few like-minded exhibitors (Regal, Carmike, Cinemark). So I decided to investigate, as well as see and review the latest (supposedly the last) in the Paranormal Activity series.

15 October 2015

At the movies: Crimson Peak.

I love a good Gothic tale of murder most foul, and Crimson Peak certainly has that. It's an astonishing achievement, and I recommend it highly. How highly, you ask? Read on...

Famous People Talked at Me: Steven Spielberg.

A fun condensation of the post-premiere Q&A that Steven Spielberg gave at this year's New York Film Festival. You know me, camera theory wins many battles.

14 October 2015

The Decline of Western Civilization 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

 I am fortunate to have an outlet for publication that will follow me into some weird-ass places. Thus, you have this number, wherein I discuss how you could spend one night at the same theatre watching both Wes Craven's New Nightmare and The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. Just give it a read- I have a theory and such.

Famous People talked with me: Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A fun condensation of The Walk's press conference from this year's New York Film Festival. I dug the film a lot, though it had too much voiceover and I spent the last fifty minutes in twitchy nervous unease.