20 May 2015

At the movies: Clouds of Sils Maria.

One of the best films I've seen in ages. So much going on about identity and persona and the escape and prison of the theatre versus film. It gets exponentially better with each subsequent viewing, and it was damn masterful on the first viewing. Do not miss this.

At the movies: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

At the movies: Unfriended.

This is a ghoulish and emotionally brutal film that I can't help but recommend. Whether in a decently packed theatre or alone, on a laptop with headphones, it will get into your places of security and shred them. 

05 April 2015

At the movies: Furious Seven.

This was a difficult film to write about. For a lot of reasons. But I think I got at what didn't work, as well as how difficult the circumstances under which the film was made and finished were.

06 March 2015

At the movies: Maps to the Stars.

A new Cronenberg film is always a sign to rejoice. And this one is a humdinger, to be sure. Violent, moody, offputting, and relentless and bereft of pity- this is something very special indeed.